• A 3 bedroom apartment with a large veranda and 3 smaller apartments 50 meters from the beach of Agios Gordios.



    Manager: Ava Kritseli
    Speaks: English
    Response time: Within 24 Hours

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    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Air – Condition
    • Sattelite TV
    • Fully Equipped Kitchen
    • Washing Machine(Villa only)
    • Big Sitting room with fire place(Villa only
    • Shower/Toilet /Bathroom(Villa only
    • Big veranta with sea view(Villa only


    • Showers

  • Special offers from 07/09 Until 31/10 2020

    • As of July 2020, due to the unexpected circumstances of Covid-19 pandemic, no deposit is required to confirm your reservation. This applies for stays between July 2020 To October 2020.
    • You can cancel your reservation at any time. No fees or penalties will be charged.

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All year around

Number of apartments (One bedroom)


Number of apartments (Two bedroom)

1 Villa (3 bedrooms)


Mountain & Sea

Nearest Beach

Agios Gordios beach (50 meters)

Our Useful Features & Services

Free Wi-Fi

Satellite TV


Washing machine (Villa only)