Agios (Saint) Gordios Agios Gordios, the beautiful beach resort in the west coast of Corfu Island , is named after the homonymous church that lies in the middle of the village.Liapades HistoryThe exact date of the Agios Gordios churchconstruction is not known. However, it seems that it has historical connection with M.Asia. According to the archives of 1714, the church was part of the Churh of Ypapanti at Kato Garounas village ( See nearby resorts ). The small picturesque church of Agios Gordios celebrates in honor of St.Gordios in the 3 rd of January annually. Also a litany takes place every third day after Easter.     St.Gordios St.Gordios, born in Caesarea of Cappadokia, was a distinguished officer in the army of Licinius, emperor of the East. When Licinius came to war against Constantine the Great in 314 AD, who was friendly towards the Christians, Licinius decided to use the pagans against his opponent. Therefore, he removed all the Christians from his army and destroyed many churches. As one of those who were thrown out, Gordios withdrew to a mountain, where he spent his time praying, reading and working. As Licinius went on with the pogrom, Gordios decided to go back and protest against the violation towards the freedom of religion. His plan took place one night when the officials were gathered in the public theatre. As a result, Gordios was beheaded immediately. The Orthodox Church nominated him as a saint, and his death is celebrated in the 3 rd of January.