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Take the time to walk around Agios Gordios and the villages nearby (Garouna, Sinarades, Pentati) as an alternative activity and enjoy the magnificent view and the picturesque landscapes of Corfu island. We give the directions, you do the walking. However, you will be the one that takes all the pleasure!!

To Pentati village: Starting from the Panteleimonas mountaincentre of Agios Gordios ( at the bus stop next to Gee Bee's market ), take the road to Garouna village. Continue until you find a road on your right, that leads to Pentati/Chris's place.

Keep on walking all the way through the olive trees to the quite village. You can enjoy the traditional Corfiot cusine at Angela's restaurant, in a pleasant and friendly environment. It is worth walking down the hill to the picturesque harbor "fioroula". (See more »»)


To Panteleimonas Mountain (Kato Garouna):
Starting from the Panteleimonas mountaincentre of Agios Gordios ( at the bus stop next to Gee Bee's market ), you take the road that leads to Garouna village. Go all the way up to the centre of Garouna; when you reach a crossroads (facing the local pub), take the road to the left (the other leads to a dead end). As you continue, take the road you find on your right, and walk all the way up to the hill.

Enjoy the colors and sounds of the nature, and of course the panoramic view ( Corfu town, northern and southern Corfu , mountains of Epirus and Albania ). Continue walking all the way to the top and view Agios Gordios, and the west-north coastline of the island. Follow the same road back to Agios Gordios. (See more »»)

To Sinarades village Sinarades: Having the bus stop as a starting spot, take the way on your left that passes by the Pink Palace Hotel and leads to Corfu town. At the first big turn, follow the sign "Sinarades By foot", that leads to a small path on the left. Continue walking for about a mile and turn right at a point where the track devides. Watch carefully for a sign "To Sinarades" and take the narrow path to your right which will lead you to a main road. Follow the sign "Aerostato Café" to the left and enjoy the breath-taking view of Agios Gordios.

Walk to the village of Sinarades by taking the road to Corfu town; once you reach a run about take a right turn and walk through the traditional village. It is worth visiting the " Local Folklore Museum ". To go back to Agios Gordios you can take either the bus or the main road to the beach. (See more »»)

Through Agios Gordios : Get toAgios Gordios know Agios Gordios by taking a walk around the village. As you walk towards the beach, take the road on your left that leads up to the Agios Gordios Hotel. Walk down on your right to the public parking area (there is a sign to Sea Breeze ). As the road goes round the parking area, you have two options; if you take the way on your left, it will eventually lead you to the south side of the beach (at the point where the two big rocks stand at the sand); take the wooden road to your left and walk by the beach towards the main road of Agios Gordios.

If you do not follow this direction, walk round the parking area and down the narrow track; this will lead you to the small church of St.Gordios on your right (See Agios Gordios History for information). Walk either straight to the beach or right to the main road of Agios Gordios. You can go on with your walk, by heading towards the north side of the beach. Take the main road to the beach; once you've reached it walk at the right direction. Pass by Alobar and take the small track on your right. Walk all the way up and it will lead you at the Pink Palace . Take the road down to your right and you will find yourself again at the bus stop!


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